Whether you need assistance across the spectrum of businesses services, or just need help with one specific aspect, RB Consulting can tailor a solution to what your requirements.

Whether you’re a Start Up, an SMME, or an established business, RB Consulting offers a comprehensive range of business solutions that are tailored to what you need. We are results driven, and while we are capable of assisting any size of company, RB Consulting’s speciality are start-ups and growing  small and medium-sized businesses.

Business Development

RB Consulting can help you to improve the performance of your business, increasing your access to markets, and your ability to compete with others in the industry.

RB Consulting can guide your company through the various phases of research, planning, and decision making, as well as through the actual implementation of your ideas, services, and products. By working directly with you to clearly define your business strategy, RB Consulting helps to ensure that your business is relevant, and a leader in your industry.

The best businesses are not static columns, but rather organisations that recognise the ebb and flow of the business cycle. RB Consulting specialises in helping your business become agile, responsive, and prepared to tackle any new opportunities.

Business Operations Management & IT Systems

RB Consulting offers the IT infrastructure and support necessary to get your business off the ground, and to keep it running smoothly. Our business and technical expertise means that we can help you to create and manage the digital infrastructure necessary for your business’ optimal access to information and business processes.

RB Consulting also specialises in implementing Digital Transformation Strategies within organisations. You will meet our IT Service Partner, Craythorne IT.  Together we can assist you with all of your IT requirements including the process flows and your infrastructure needs. From your website hosting and email management to MS Office 365 implementation and management, to server hosting and cloud-based solutions, to custom IT environments and desktop support.

Business Process Management

RB Consulting is committed to and believes that the future of economic development lies in small, medium, and micro enterprises.  This is where our true passion lies. Through our Business Process Management Services, RB Consulting can create a smarter, more controlled business flow by streamlining the roles, processes, functions, and efforts of your business. This optimises the growth and productivity of your business, and improves the effectiveness of your employees.


Whether you need a full organisation turnaround, or simply help conceptualising a new business idea, RB Consulting’s team of passionate professionals have the expertise you need to succeed.

Financial Management

RB Consulting knows that sound financial management is paramount to the financial health, security and welfare of your company. It underpins all aspects of your business, providing confidence that financial matters in your business are expertly managed.

RB Consulting is qualified to assist you and your business with:

  • Daily Financial Management
    • Quoting & Invoicing
    • Cashflow and cash management
    • Day to Day capturing and controls
  • Weekly and Monthly Financial Management and Management Reporting
  • CIPC & Regulatory and Statutory Requirements
  • SARS & Compliances
    • Finances on a Monthly and Annual Basis
    • Submission of Tax returns
    • PAYE & Provisional tax return
    • Personal Income Tax returns

RB Consulting handles all financial processing according to your needs, whether this is on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Our finance and accounting solutions can be outsourced as an individual service, or as part of a package of elements that RB Consulting offers as a tailored business solution.

Sales and Marketing Management

With the global escalation of social media platforms, and the ongoing rise of digital mediums as the primary source of communication, if your company is not online, it’s invisible. Through our sister company RB Media, RB Consulting offers an extensive array of marketing, branding and design services that are dedicated to making your business stand out.

Humans Resource Management and Recruitment

RB Consulting believes that the growth and development of any business is largely dependent on the team dedicated to making that business grow and develop. This begins with hiring the most suitable individuals at the get go by ensuring that the needs of both business and employee are aligned from the outset, it’s more likely that that job satisfaction and productivity will be increased.

RB Consulting appreciates that you have strategic goals for your business’s growth and development. We also acknowledge that the best possible way to achieve these desired outcomes is to have a team that is passionate, reliable, and dedicated to your success.


RB Consulting’s HR Services are comprehensive. We offer:

Human Resources Advisory and Compliance Services

    • Documentation
    • Conditions of Employment
    • Acts of Employment
    • Compliance – from B-BBEE to industry councils such as MIEBC, MIBCO, ICBI and many others that we can assist with all processes required by your industry
    • Labour Relations
  • Recruitment & Placements

      • Competitive rates that surpass all others that is not based on a percentage of a salary
      • A Two-Way Street approach – Hiring the right person who has the same short to long terms goals as you and your business are committed to!

Training & Development

    • Guidance to learn how to manage vital aspects of human resources, such as the contractual aspects of hiring, management, and dismissal processes
    • Performance management – annual biannual & specific requirements
    • The value of internships – train to meet the needs of your business, without the constraints of high salaries while growing a workforce that is not only trained, but skilled to work in your industry & environment.
  • Screening and Aptitude Testing

      • Find the right fit for your company – the first time!
  • Attorney Provided Litigation

  • Legal Processes

  • CCMA Bargaining Council

The relationship between management and employees has a direct effect on the future success and growth of your company. RB Consulting studies your business thoroughly, in order to implement the most suitable customs, role descriptions, hierarchy of positions, and flow of management. This ensures that you business can run as a seamless, productive and effective team.

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