Customer service is the driving force of RB Consulting and we have pride the relationships we have with each and every client we work with

Our approach is to spend time understanding your needs, researching your industry and assisting in strategies to improve any of the aspects that your business needs. No business is the same, and for us that means that our services are completely personalised based on your needs. Majority of our work is done offsite and everything we do is backed by reporting and communication.

Our Marketing services have grown sizably over the past few years and mainly a result of the change of marketing strategies to work in the digital era we live and function in today. Sadly, it has also been a direct result of many companies offering services without the knowhow and expertise to assist companies with their online marketing and lead generation. We have spent years testing and researching the digital landscape and continuously grow our knowledge base through training and development of necessary tools.

Roxanne Byrne

Working hand and hand with human resources throughout my career has given me a very simple outlook on trying to write or explain your resume. It is obviously focused on your past experiences and accomplishments and not necessarily an outlook on where you want to go and how you are planning to get there!

Working in a multitude of different specialised companies over the years has given me insight into the principles and foundations of building and growing a business, specifically small to medium enterprises, with specialises services that they are passionate about.While I have completed a wide range of varied materials and course during my career, my education is ongoing, and I continually aspire to grow. I believe education is the key to empowerment for us all.

I have completed courses from body language to employee incentives, from new venture creations to sales funnels, from social media marketing to SEO toolkits, from business process management to copy writing and from legal to business administration. The reason I have done this is to continually learn and grow within the business environment because time spent learning is never time wasted. Ultimately this has empowered me to be able to assist businesses with a variety of solutions without having to run up exhorbitant costs and avoiding multiple resources. Yes, I can create a smarter, more controlled business flow by streamlining roles, functions, processes and efforts and by doing so I also can assist with improving employee effectiveness, business productivity and growth.

But most of all, I firmly believe that the ongoing success of any company is directly related to the quality of its employees and their level of dedication, motivation, and commitment to the organization and its clients. My aim is to assist businesses with creating a staff compliment that wants to improve and grow the business, provide the best possible service to their clients, but also remain motivated and fulfilled within their respective roles and as people in general. My business is based on offering sound business solutions around the foundation of business in the areas of finance, human resources, operations, sales and marketing.

I love all aspects of marketing and have a keen interest in content marketing and SEO in the digital landscape. One of the most rewarding aspects of what I do is helping small and medium businesses grow their brand and establish positive engagements with their audience. This has led me to build confidence in my business offering, after all, if we do not create what we promise…we do not deserve to be doing it! I believe in leading by example, inspiring confidence by positive reinforcement, and creating an optimal working environment by implementing procedures and processes that are always fair, sometimes fun and most of all simple, practical and effective.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”.
John Quincy Adams (6th Us President)