Welcome to RB Consulting

RB Consulting is made up of a select group of passionate staff and professionals, from graphic design, to website development and business specialists. We bring together a full range of in-house skills to provide our customers with a complete and personalised service offering. Our focus is on start-up and established small to medium businesses in the South African market. We work in a broad range of industries with a special interest in the Medical, Legal and Professional fields. 

Marketing, Branding & Graphic Design

RB Consulting offers marketing, design and branding services that is focused on targeted digital branding and marketing of all aspects of your business.

Business Management Services

Through Business Process Management services we create a smarter, more controlled business flow by streamlining roles, functions and efforts.

HR Management Services

Our HR Management services offer tailor made solutions for small and medium businesses aimed at attracting and retaining high quality staff.

Recruitment Services

We offer personalised placement services. Our edge is that we believe your placement is suited to your needs and your business as well as the potential employee’s needs.

Our Goals

Our goal is to assist businesses with a multitude of services that are presented in an affordable, understandable and measurable way. We spend time on audit, research and strategy as a starting point as a result we build relationships with our clients from the ground up.

We are driven by results!

At RB Consulting, we are transparent with our services, transparent with our reporting and maintain that our customers always have full control of their businesses especially when relating to marketing. We do this through establishing and building our relationship that are backed by results!

Our Marketing Services

Our Marketing services have grown sizably over the past few years and mainly a result of the change of marketing strategies to work in the digital era we live and function in today. Sadly, it has also resulted in many companies offering services without the knowhow and expertise to assist companies with their online marketing and lead generation. We have spent years testing and researching the digital landscape and continuously grow our knowledge base through communication, training and development.

Contact Us today to find out more about ways that RB Consulting can assist you with your business and marketing needs.