RB Consulting offers marketing that is focused on targeted digital branding and marketing of all aspects of your business. We assist start-up, small to medium businesses with strategic planning, creativity and interactive marketing solutions.

We offer affordable, creative and customised solutions that are uniquely designed to suit your industry and your business objectives and needs.

Our specialisation is working with not only creating your online presence, but making sure that you are seen. We drive traffic to your website and assist with interest and lead generation.

Branding & Graphic Design

Offering professional branding and graphic design services for your business. Our approach is personalised, distinctive and creative. Branding services include logo design, business stationary, marketing collateral, multimedia presentations, product design, signage and more.

We customise our other services with design and include this as a value able for website design, social media and content marketing.

Website Design & Development

Today it is critical that businesses have a digital stamp online, we create websites that are customized, personalised with focus on simple, clean solutions that increase functionality and the user experience. We assist with content writing, functionality, custom graphic design and onsite and offsite SEO. Our service not only includes the design and development of your site, we have the added service of website maintenance and security for 6 months once your site goes live.

We ensure that your website has proper security, content strategy, social media integration, mobile friendly and most importantly that your site has online visibility.

Social Media

Our social media services include research into your field, strategize and assist you with connecting on the platforms that best suit your industry. We encourage engagement and communication with your current and future customers. We manage your social media and grow your audiences with social media management, content creation and community management. As part of our service we provide you with stats and analytics of your social engagement.

We work on numerous platforms which include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ and Google tools.

SEO & Google AdWords

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google AdWords are the main components of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and they go hand in hand, however in terms of internet marketing the two differ. RB Consulting offers a solution that is dependent on your business needs. We offer consulting, audit process, set up, management and analytics of your SEO and Google AdWords.

SEO is a process of correcting your existing website or information on your site in terms of your keywords, content and articles that are present on your pages. By optimizing these components, search engines recognize your site and aid in your positioning on the search results.

Google AdWords is an internet marketing option that is focused on advertising on search engines to assist you with placing you at the top of results pages on Google and other affiliated websites.

We assist with setting up your campaigns, keywords and ad sets that are best suited for your industry. 

Our services include budgets and bidding strategies, performance management, improving impressions, improving your Click Through Rate (CTR) and more. 

We use all the necessary reporting and analytic tools and platforms available to focus your campaigns and maximise your reach.


We review your past and present marketing efforts and focus on research of your company, market and product before creating a project strategy for you business.


We offer a return on your investment and offer custom solutions without having a lock down contract. We believe that if we do not deliver we shouldn’t be doing it!


We offer tailored service throughout our delivery and are committed to offering that personal touch. We use innovative thinking methods that are suited to your business needs.


Our projects are delivered with measurable results that are always shown through transparency and proper reporting methods. We do not have a one size fits all approach and can work within your budget. We believe this provides you with return on investment and value for money.

Our Valued Clients

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